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Italian American Museum
Artiste Italiane
Women Artists of Italian heritage

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In honor of Women's History Month the Italian American Museum is pleased to present a selection of work by thirteen women artists of Italian heritage. These women are all accomplished artists having exhibited in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally. Each woman brings forth their artistic vision in painting, collage, sculpture, photography and graphic design. Their artwork reflects who they are and how they see the world. In doing so, we see a rich tapestry of imagery. For some it is their love of Italy, the immigration experience and remembering their ancestry. For others it is incorporating nature and symbolism in their work. And for others it is creating products through design with an Italian flair.

Each of these artists are Italian born or daughters of immigrants from many small towns within Italy. They speak with intensity about their heritage and how it is part of how they view life.

We celebrate their artistic endeavors.

The artists are: Matilde Alessandra, B. Amore, Maria Cocchiarelli, Janine Coyne, Daniella Day, Louise Fili, Irene Gennaro, Barbara Gerard, Nancy Macina, Michela Martello, Martina Secondo Russo, Assunta Sera and Annamarie Trombetta.

The exhibit entitled, "Artiste Italiane" will be on display at the Museum from March 3 through April 30, 2017.




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