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Oct. 19 - Dec. 15, 2005

Freeing the Angel From the Stone

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The Piccirilli Place Street Sign This Street Sign was unveiled on March 25, 2004 by Bill Carroll and New York City Councilman Jose Serrano, Jr. Carroll and his colleagues, Mary Shelley and Jerry Capa have been bringing the Piccirilli story to the public since 1998. They’ve employed journal and magazine articles, television interviews, slide lectures, library exhibitions and newspaper stories as well as public signage to inform the public about the Piccirilli brothers contributions to New York City. Other signage that Carroll, Shelley and Capa have helped to install include those that appear at: “The Maine Monument” and “The Washington Square Arch” in Manhattan. Carroll, Shelley and Capa continue to develop the Piccirilli story and are working on a documentary film and a New York City museum exhibition which will bring the story of the Piccirilli Studio to a wider audience.

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