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Contact: Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa


Italian American Museum
The Feminine Mystique: Hidden Bodies
Solo exhibition by Margherita Serra

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The Italian American Museum will celebrate Women’s History Month with “The Feminine Mystique: Hidden Bodies,” an exhibition by Italian sculptor Margherita Serra which features reliefs of marble corsets inspired by Matera’s sassi, the world-famous ancient limestone cave dwellings in the southern region of Basilicata. The exhibit will be on display at the Museum from March 1 to April 3.

Artist's Statement:
My work in marble and mixed materials consists of hidden female bodies not yet revealed. Through my artistic meticulous intervention and, at the same time, full of love I try to stimulate the imagination of the spectators bringing them to a latent sonority and rocky times of the past which have enriched my artistic sensibility thanks, also, to the numerous tales of my Lucanian ancestors, especially those related to the "Sassi of Matera".
My sculptures try to give life to a sort of imaginary archetype of femininity. They are pending assemblages between representation and abstraction, between presence and absence like a Dadaist play where the corsets appear disposed to accommodate a female body. They are not just a work of art for art's sake; they are not just aesthetically pleasing to look at, but advance an ideal to which contemporary women can certainly aspire. They represent a metamorphosis of intimacy and, at the same time, a cage that imprisons the body but enables their wearers to stand strong and determined to show their femininity and sensuality like the Lucanian women of the archaic past in the "Sassi of Matera".

Margherita Serra


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