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Contact: Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa


Italian American Museum
"Passage" by Yorgos Giotsas
A conceptual multimedia exhibit on immigration from Italy to America in the early 20th century and the large surge of immigration into Sicily today.

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Passage PT
Iron and passport documents
cm 44x50x15

Passage, an exhibit by Yorgos Giotsas will be on view at the Italian American Museum from September 13 through November 12, 2017. Not only is Passage relevant as a commentary on the movement of immigrants to a new country, but Yorgos uses materials of the earth to bring a tactile feel to his work thus engaging us on the journey. Suitcases made from wire, actual blankets and life vests used by immigrants amidst concrete, stones, sand and sea salt draw us closer to the earth and the humanity of people who risked everything to start a new life.
Yorgos begins his passage with manipulated images of Italian immigrants coming to New York in the early 1900’s. Yet, Yorgos does not stop there but moves us visually through his passage with heart wrenching images of hopeful immigrants landing on the shore of Sicily today. He has provided a sensitive narrative within a beautiful visual array of mixed media. His art is conceptual and we the viewers are encompassed by it.
Janine Coyne
The Museum, located at the corner of Mulberry and Grand Streets in New York’s “Little Italy”, is open to the public Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 6 PM.



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