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Italian American Museum
"Who Do You Think I Am?/Chi Pensi Che Io Sono?"
Solo exhibition by Antonio Petracca

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The Italian American Museum presents “Who Do You Think I Am?/Chi Pensi Che Io Sono?”, a solo exhibition by Manhattan artist Antonio Petracca. The opening reception for this exhibit is scheduled for Friday, March 27th at 6:30PM and will be on display at the Museum through May 24th.

Artist's Statement:
I am honored to be invited by the Italian American Museum, here in historic Little Italy, on the corner of Mulberry and Grand Streets, New York City. “Who Do You Think I Am?/Chi Pensi Che Io Sono?", is a mini-retrospective selected from a larger body of work begun in 2002. Although I’ve made art based on other themes, the art work in this exhibition is solely about my musings, memories and viewpoints concerning Italian immigrants and Italian Americans. Some of this art incorporates little known and historical facts. The rest is more playful, poking fun at me and Italian Americans in general for their susceptibility to tolerate and accept stereotypical, often derogatory depictions of themselves. Is it okay to lampoon our looks, mannerisms, religious ceremonies, importance of food and family? Since our immigrant precursors arrived at these shores, others have tried and partially succeeded in distorting "who we are and what we do".  It’s your choice to recognize this as a problem or to dismiss it. My mission simply is to provide the viewer an opportunity to consider and reflect on these issues. If one is inspired to learn more about the history of Italian immigration and the Italian American story, then I am most rewarded!

Antonio Petracca is represented by Kim Foster Gallery
529 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011

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